Representative Team Tour FAQs

1. Can other family members travel with the player?

Yes, parents and family members are always welcome to join our tour.

2. Can a player travel without a parent/family member?

Yes, the majority of our players travel without family members.

3. How are players supervised while on tour?

Team Coaches are responsible for all their players, especially players who travel without family members. Generally the team will do activities together as a group, and players are not allowed out without supervision at any time. In addition to Team Coaches, we have 3 Tour Managers traveling with the group.

4. Do players stay with accompanying family members?

Players stay with their teammates while on the tour. Sometimes the players are in a different hotel to the parents; if this occurs we always ensure the hotels are within walking distance of each other so parents can have access to their children at all times.

5. Can I book my own flights?

We offer different flight options to cater for the entire group, however people are more than welcome to book their own flight (e.g. to use air miles or extend the stay). If you do book your own flight, you must provide us with the itinerary and ensure it arrives earlier than our flights to ensure transportation to the first hotel.

6. Can I alter the land package?

We are unable to make any alterations to the land package.

7. How should a player take money on tour?

Providing your player with foreign currency before they leave is a good idea but not in large amounts. It is preferable for players to bring a debit card as our Coaches / Tour Managers will help them access ATM’s.
* Do not travel with large sums of US dollars as it is can be difficult to exchange currency.

8. How much money will a player need?

From the itinerary you will see which meals are included, so you can base part of their allowance on food that will need to be purchased. Depending on your child’s spending habits, you may wish to give them additional money and guidelines for purchasing gifts/souvenirs.

9. How do I keep in touch with players while they are on tour?

Players may travel with their own cell phone (which can be enabled for international use based on your provider), plus there are free communication apps (e.g. Skype, Viber) that can be used on certain devices. Our Tour Manager will also post news on our Facebook page. Please do not expect them to call you every day - take into consideration the time difference and the activities they will be doing.